Press Release – A Virtual Wander though the Streets of London

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“Havisham House” photo by Michelle Baharier of the Dickens Estate, London, SE1 SE16

11 December 2020, 7pm -8pm 

hosted by Artist Michelle Baharier, Fruit Cake Creatives, and friends.  

As in a Christmas Carole, the iconic Charles Dickens story is what Christmas should be.

Artist Michelle Baharier, Fruit Cake Creatives and friends, will take us on a wander through the streets of London. As she walks in her night gown, Michelle will take us on a wander using live stream. Leading us to places well known and unknown, Fruit Cake Creatives and friends will join in live and on video with poetry and song to cheer us along. 

As we envisage the new normal of past, present, and future, please bring your own food and drink get into the festive mood. 

See you there or be square.

You can keep in touch about this event and others on Michelle Baharier’s Facebook Page

You can also join in on London’s Night Walks Facebook Page
Copperfield House, Dickens Estate, London SE1 SE16

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