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Mental Health Exhibition at Tebbs virtual art Gallery: 15 January to 14 February 2022

Come check out Tebbs’ virtual art gallery today. Tebbs Gallery has chosen some of my recent works to be featured in their “Mental Health” exhibition. It is currently on display here until 14 Feb 2022. There are only 2 weeks left in the exhibition, so don’t miss out! You can find my artwork in Room 3. 

Screenshot of 2 of my works on the gallery wall at Tebb's virtual art gallery
2 of my paintings, “Zoom” (2021) and “Am I hearing mixed messages” (2021), on display at Tebb Gallery’s virtual gallery

Mental health is an important topic to me. With my experience with mental health and arts charity CoolTanArts, I think it’s a topic that needs to be brought to light more often. Many people are silently struggling and uncomfortable asking for help. When we share our struggles others can see that they’re not alone and can ask for help. It’s time to destigmatize talking about our feelings, especially in regards to the struggles and conditions we are facing.

All of these works were finished in 2021 and featured in my recent solo show COVID Diaries. After being in lockdown on-off for twenty months, keeping the motivation up to keep painting while living with clinical depression and complex post-traumatic stress disorder required discipline. Moreover, I was quite fed up with the year’s interactions largely spent on Zoom. Where was the body language? 

"Am I hearing mixed messages" painting showing multiple merged blue faces, now available at Tebbs' virtual art gallery
“Am I hearing mixed messages” (2021)

Painting allowed me to reconcile my emotional responses to the pandemic. In Am I hearing mixed messages in particular(2021), I explore emotions via colour and movement. The mixed messages from the media and government made my dyslexic brain highly confused. Does our breath spread or not spread the virus? It seemed that the media was dividing people into camps pitted against each other.

A street view of 2 large artworks on display at the window of my solo exhibition COVID Diaries at Sprout Arts in the Furzedown area
A street view of 2 large artworks on display at the window of my solo exhibition COVID Diaries at Sprout Arts in the Furzedown area

Alternately, the other aim of COVID Diaries was to celebrate life under lockdown. Although some might think there wasn’t and still isn’t much to celebrate in these sad times, the ability for many to band together with their families and local communities was inspiring. Humans thrive by fostering connections to each other. Having fewer distractions from the outside world allowed us to refocus on loving, respecting, and responding to each other – whether that was by spending more time at home with family or reconnecting with our neighborhoods and the surrounding nature through daily walks.

Hosting the in-person show last year at Sprout Arts made me feel complete as an artist as I love seeing and hearing from my audience, whether that is by smiling, crying, laughing, or simply sharing their thoughts. It pleases me that my work has been put in a virtual art gallery, which I hope is more accessible to a wider range of people. Should you be interested in purchasing any displayed artwork at Tebbs Gallery, you can click on the envelope icon on the bottom right, which will open an inquiry form. You are also welcome to email me, Michelle, at mbfcsra@gmail.com. All works shown at Tebbs are available for sale and as prints.

As always, I’d love to hear your response or how my paintings made you feel. Please feel free to comment below. Additionally, if you have an interest in mental health awareness and arts, please subscribe to my email newsletter below. 

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