Walkie Talkie Project Michelle Baharier

Artist Michelle Baharier is creating digital art work inspired by our experience of bus journeys. The work of art are also inspired by the poem “Routemaster race” written by wheelchair user David Morris. He was unable to access the buses until access become a legal requirement.

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As part of this project she’d love to talk with anyone who fancies a chat about their experience on the buses, good or bad. Michelle is looking for stories about your journeys to work, sightseeing and getting out with friends. Whatever your connection to accessing London double-decker buses.

Inspiration drawn from conversations will translated into a series of collages released online and archived at the London Transport Museum. Participants are asked to get involved and get a copy of the art work. To kick things off there will be as a series of doorstep interviews.

Michelle will come to you and conduct a short informal interview chat outside your residence or chosen public place nearby, whichever you prefer. Following Covid guidelines there will be recording equipment which has a long reach to maintain the two meter distance. Masks, individual hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes will also be provided.

If you’d like to chat with Michelle we’d love to hear from you, please select at least 3 options from the below link. We will only need one session and this won’t take more than 1hr, probably much less. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Fany getting involved? Let us know by signing up here.
You can also read more abut the project from
Disability Arts Online.

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