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Walkie Talkie Project Michelle Baharier
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Artist Michelle Baharier is creating a series of digital artworks inspired by our experiences of bus journeys/routes and our connection to them. The series is inspired by a poem written by David Morris called Routemaster race (featured below), David was a wheelchair user and therefore unable to access the buses until access became a legal requirement.

As part of this project, Michelle would love to talk with anyone who fancies a chat about their experience on the buses (both good or bad). The artist is looking for stories about your journeys, whether that be on your way to work, sightseeing with your friends, or whatever your connection is to riding on a double-decker London bus. These experiences will be made into art collages released online and archived at the London Transport Museum. Anyone who takes part will receive their own copy of a collage. She will come to you and conduct a short interview/informal doorstep interview outside your residence or outdoors nearby dependent on your preference. We will be following COVID guidelines; using recording equipment (cleaned in between uses) with long reach for 2m distance; and provide masks, individual hand sanitiser, and antibacterial wipes.

If you’d like to chat with Michelle, we’d love to hear from you. Please select at least 3 options from the list on the link below by ticking the box next to the dates you are available. We will only need one session and this will most likely take less than one hour. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!


Routemaster race, a poem by David Morris

I once fell off a routemaster bus
on Barnett Hill in the snow I am told
I was young and walking just
with tired legs knock-kneed
running fast out of usefulness

Not an urban surfer baby
you will soon know your place
a London bus not for me
you’ll not be part of the root of my race

segregated tail gated transported apart sometimes it felt like we were going to
tied down in rows waving to the real world
sent away jolting and crying
in the back of a mini not a master bus

not an urban pole dancer baby
we don’t want you in our face’s
stay on the urban sunshine bus
you’re not part of the route race

Away from London away from life
bust to our separation by ambulance
at least that’s what it said backwards
so they could see our difference
hopeless helpless kids apart

you’re not an urban person baby
you should know your place
go stay in the institution
not part of the route race

Waiting for the 142
basking in late autumn sun
and a small commuter crowd complaining
about Metroline
the red Easter size doors open and I board
welcome for the first time
part of London part of life

I’m free from transport irony baby
and on your flocking case
don’t get full by your urban myth
it’s over the routemaster race.

Download the PDF version here for press or print friendly version.

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