01 June 2023

'The Phenomenal Female - Who am I', at the Bookery Gallerie

On 1 June from 6.30-9pm at I will be talking about my practice at The Bookery Gallerie, 20 Church Street, London, NW8 8EP. 

Live from at The Bookery Gallerie is an evening with six phenomenal female artists, in conversation, discussing the working practices behind their artwork.



Michelle Baharier

Each artist will give a 20min talk, finishing the evening with a Q&A.The host for the evening will be Aaron Barschak.


Guest speakers: Maryam Hashimi, Beverley-Jane Stewart, Meg Lee Chin, Jan Woolf, Lola Godoy and yours truly!


Would you like to own a piece of unique art, something that there is only one of in the world? 


Women’s genitals are a doorway to life. Many people purchase original artwork because it is meaningful for them. Placing art in your home can give you a feeling of comfort.


Original paintings and art can refresh your spirit and be a gift of daily inspiration. If you wonder why people buy art ask yourself if something you found has a meaning for you... such as the eighteen vulvas (vulva is the anatomical term for the external parts of the visible, external part of women’s genitals) I have for sale in this show, alongside a digital print called the Kitchen Sink and my painting Adam and Eve.


All of the vulvas, like women, are unique – they will make a very special addition to your home decor.



Also at the Bookery Gallerie

On June 8 I will be performing as part of Beyond the Ordinary – communicating the beauty, depths and insights of the phenomenal feminine.

The Bookery Gallerie 20 Church Street, London, NW8 8EP will be hosting an evening with seven female poets.


 They will be sharing with us, through their unique and individual voices, fine words of enlightened and challenging verse, playfully and expressively weaving through deep thoughts and humorous observations about our lives and society.

The evening will be hosted and compered by Aaron Barschak and features Jessica Lawrence, Meg Lee Chin, Aurélie Freoua, Jane Thomas, Theresa Walsh, Niki Bayard and me.

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