01 January 2024

1st January 2024


Dear supporters, collectors, art aficionados and friends,






I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and happy.

Let's kick off 2024 with creative energy and joy.


This year we have the Olympics in Paris and 29 days in February to celebrate. 


And for those of you for whom the 29th of February is your birthday, happy birthday in advance! It only happens once in four years, so on that note, keep young at heart ❤️


As well as looking forward to the new year, I wanted to just take a moment to reflect on 2023. For me it was a really exciting year! Also, as many of you know it was my 60th birthday, which was a huge Milestone. 


Thank you for celebrating with me.





I was so fortunate to have so many of you come along and celebrate with me at my many exhibitions and, of course, my solo show at the Foundry, Oval Way, from February to May 2023.


When I was first offered the Foundry space to exhibit in, I was really excited but also trepidatious.


Did I have enough work to fill this building? 


Luckily, I did and the work, I think, sat beautifully within the building and its environment. When I was hanging the exhibition, I took time to think about how the shafts of light would work with the paintings. The natural daylight lit my work so beautifully. I wanted to make sure the paintings could be seen in their full glory. 



My last two exhibitions of 2023 included my open studio and 'It Ain't Over Yet' at Lex 2 space, 561 Old Kent Road, in this amazing new community space that needs to be used. The space was curated by Melissa Jo Smith, who did a  wonderful job of bringing six artists together who live in Southwark. I also ran a fantastic poetry workshop there and poetry night which was well attended and had the most amazing poets coming  in from far and wide. Expect the videos on my Facebook page,my Instagram feed or on Youtube later this month. 




Before the end of December 2023 I got to put up my hanging system in my home, so that my audience can come visit me, in a permanent gallery space, where you can see my art in a home setting, to encourage you to think 'Yeah, I could live with that in my living room’.



Also, you get to meet me if you pop in. It's by appointment only, meet me the artist and have a chat. I can make tea and coffee. For those who remember, people used to be able to do that with Gilbert and George in their house in the Brick Lane area. To make an appointment email me.








I have also been running many workshops. This has included working with the Share Community, Equality Works and Age UK. 


If you would like creative workshops in your workplace for an away day with your members of staff, or if you would like creative workshops for your children, please do contact me.


Partnerships and commissions are also welcome. I can paint you a mural as well as portray you on a canvas in either oil or acrylic. Don't hesitate to come speak to me about these opportunities.




My year in 2023 kicked off with a show at the Bethlem Gallery, where I showed a piece of work made in collaboration with artist Chris 



We were part of an exhibition called Being Present and had worked together for several years online since the pandemic. Chris lives in Nottingham and worked with the Primary, an arts organisation, whilst I was working with the Bethlem. We only met in person three or four days before the opening and our performance art piece was ‘the Great British Tea Break’- you can see it here. There were eight artists and four pairs in this exhibition, who responded to what happened during covid through our collaboration and how we were present with each other during that time.



So what's going to happen in 2024?

I have been hard at work in my studio, preparing for new shows, the first being in February 2024 (dates to be confirmed) with the Bethlem Collective at the Paxton Centre in Crystal Palace, 52 Anerley Hill, London SE19 2AE. 


I will be showing new work called ’Harmony in Chaos’. This captivating artwork explores the delicate balance between order and disorder, showcasing my signature style as I make work that explores the core of my person.



There is also an upcoming solo exhibition to celebrate 20 years of Southwark TV, a groundbreaking arts organisation, where I am also speaking, as well as  chairing a talk about creativity and mental-health, in Southwark. 


For those of you who remember, I founded CoolTan Arts, the arts and mental health charity which was run by and for people with mental health troubles. 


The exhibition will be at Theatre Peckham, 221 Havil Street, SE5 7SB from 13- 16 February 2024. Talks will take place on the 15th of February. I will be chairing a panel talking about the importance of creativity for mental wellbeing.



In April 2024, I will be at Turff Gallery for four days. Look out for me in May 2024 at Bonnington Square Cafe.



Connect with me on Social Media, stay updated with my latest news, and events, and get behind the scenes glimpses. 


Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and become part of our growing  artistic community.


Michelle Baharier

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