01 January 2024

1st March 2024

My Dear Supporters and Art Lovers


A big thank you to everyone who came to the Paxton Centre and to Theatre Peckham, where my Solo show has been extended till mid-March!



There is a cafe with light refreshments open 10am-8pm with full disabled access – everyone is welcome. Address: 221 Havil Street, London SE5 7SB



So, let’s embrace Spring


Did you know that I make lots of my work from observing nature? This is because of many details, especially in flowers with the textures of petals and the softness which withstands a battering of the elements, such as rain. I love feeling as if I could lie on them and fall asleep. Then we have the stems, the smells and the transformation of a plant while it grows. 


I do find visits to places such as Kew Gardens are wonderful simple pleasures. I don’t have much of a garden but what I have grows. When I take my images of flowers and the natural world, I look at light, colour and contrast. Many of my photos are turned into cards and faux suede cushions that are double-sided and I’m thrilled to share with you! If your home needs some colour to celebrate spring and nature, why not get one?




Cushions are £40.00 and cards are £3.50 each plus post

Haygate tea towel £19.99


I will be out and about with my camera looking for the perfect shot!




I am currently working on a new collection inspired by the work I made with Invisible Women, about all the women I could have been. This has led me back to looking at the artist Hieronymus Bosch, whose work is quite something else. His artworks are incredibly imaginative, yet they are a vivid and often scary illustration of hell. With everything going on at the moment, I do find a solace in this work. This is humanity - not hell, but humans. His work brings back my passion to paint using my imagination and vivid colour to tell a story. He was concerned with all the things which modern society seems to forget, that in the past there was a lack of sufficient scientific and medical knowledge, which meant people barely survived illnesses, disease epidemics or accidents. Today, we have wars and people are cured via medical intervention, yet left disabled with mental distress. During Covid we reverted back to superstition and fear of the unknown. The world is currently involved in some 60 conflicts, as well as civil unrest, climate change or an unexpected natural disaster, just as his paintings depicted the horrors of hell. His paintings inspire me how to think about the now. 


I am also undertaking more portraits of activists who have done groundbreaking things and made positive changes to the world we live in - stay tuned!


It would be wonderful to meet you at one of the events I am in this March 2024

Sprout secret postcard fundraising exhibition takes place from 27th February to 9th March 2024, so pick up a postcard today. Anyone and everyone of all ages and skills can take part! We will sell every postcard for £5 and you won't know who made it until you buy it!

'Festivities', group exhibition with SHARP gallery at Durning Library,167 Kennington Lane, London SE11 4HF on Saturday March 2nd 2024. I am very proud to say my work was chosen for the poster of this show. 

 ‘Free’ Group show at Brixton Library with Red Orange gallery, Now cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. So instead:

I am having a Private View on Thursday 7th March, 5-8pm at my house! Please contact me for details, you will see the photographs and other works which would have been shown at the show and more.


Pond at Kew Gardens & Blue Pond - Available as a Art Quality Photo Prints and greeting cards






The Cheese Shop, Dulwich Village, 1b Calton Ave, London SE21 7DE. Celebrating International Women’s Day with South London Women Artists. Private View on Thursday 9th March, 6-8pm.


April – May 2024


‘Compassion’ Group show with South London Women Artists – at Marylebone Church from 25th April – 29th May, 17 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LT. Private view date to be confirmed.


Paintings: Did you clap for the NHS, 

Missing Mondays and Missing Company



Also in April and May:


  • South London Women Artists at the Paxton Centre, 52 Anerley Hill, London SE19 2AE, Tel: 0208 659 4701 
  • Open House Solo show and Stall at Camberwell Arts week on Camberwell Green

I'm excited to introduce you all to @dyslexiadeciphered on Instagram, where Richard Darwin has been writing about me and what life is like living with dyslexia.



Spring is seen as the rebirthing time of year, fresh energy and the days become longer.  So to keep in the spirit of this extraordinary season, I am going to try using some different materials and mediums. 


What are you going to do this spring? 


Let's stay connected! Remember event dates, follow me on Instagram @bahariermichelle for insights and inspiration, including some studio snippets. 

I love hearing from you, it helps to encourage me to follow my passion and so do feel free to reach out and share your thoughts. Looking forwards to meeting you all at one of my events. 


Looking forward to meeting you all at one of my events.


Best Wishes,

Michelle Baharier


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