24 February 2023

Female icons

To celebrate International Women’s Day, 14 South London Women Artists have come together to bring a range of art works celebrating women, our rights, and achievements.

Michelle Baharier

‘Female Icons’ is curated by Michelle Baharier and Jo Cooper and takes place at Brixton Tate Library from Friday 3rd – Monday 27th March. The private view, on the Thursday 9th March, will feature live music from The Deptford Wives.
Michelle Baharier has painted ‘I am Medusa’, sparked by the Iranian women’s protest.
In her drawing ‘All women are icons’, Ky Lewis highlights the fact that all women are icons to someone. Emma Eden has painted Virginia Woolf, a feminist icon and one of her favourite writers.
In ‘Mother of Vibrations’, Claire Dorey has placed Angela Davis’s portrait within a collage of neolithic female icons, ‘because as women, that is our heritage’. Jo Cooper’s installation ‘Things we might not see anymore’ is inspired by Anna Atkins, an early pioneer of photography, working at a time when female photographers were a rarity. Julie Bennett has painted Patti Smith, who she describes as a ‘lifeline’ in her creative journey.
Artist and feminist Martin Maloney says: “If you want to understand the liveliness of art today, this is a must-see show. You won’t be disappointed!”
Full list of Artists exhibiting: Michelle Baharier, Julie Bennett, Vanda Carter, Jo Cooper, Claire Dorey, Emma Eden, Mary Gordon Smith, Jane Higginbottom, Ekatarini Koliakou, Angele Lautier, Ky Lewis, Paola Minekov, Dil Vahidova, Olivia Vesty.
Source: https://southwarknews.co.uk/lifestyle/art/female-icons/
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