02 January 2023

January 2023


So if you reading this then you are still alive!


I am hoping this year brings health, kindness and compassion to all, that people get paid decent wages and so happy new year, despite the touch of dejavu, with COVID, lets hope the vaccines many of have had work, I hope none of you get it and the year goes smoothly with joy and happiness everywhere. I was unfortunately hit with a COVID Xmas- bust as needs must I used the time to rest.


I hope that not just the War in Ukraine ends, as I hope all wars the world over end. There are many, many wars that the media don’t really talk about as we know, so lets look for a bit of hope and we know ‘ there’s a crack in everything‘ as Leonard Cohen says so in his songs, stating ‘that’ there’s a crack and that is where the light gets in’ So lets find the crack and find the light.


It is often thought that if you think positively, you will have a more positive outcome, of course there is some cynicism in that, as you grow a little older and have both positive and negative experiences. So I’ll make my choice, but is my glass half empty or half full? Yes it’s a choice as to what I choose to focus on.


Well lets look at the half full side – I am still alive, I was ill over Xmas, so at least I could catch up on lost sleep. I watched some films some were dismal in my opinion, yet others I enjoyed, such as ‘Moon age day dream’, the reason may be that David Bowie’s music and style is a part of my life, I saw Bowie live in 1978 at Earls Court on his heroes tour, when I bunked of School to go. My friends and I had to get an adult to write us a cheque,( as we didn’t have bank accounts) to send off for the tickets by snail mail, yes snail mail. I saw him again at Glastonbury in 1999. For many viewers the film might be to long and could be boring, but it brought back Child hood memories of listening to him being interviewed on radio 4, when he talked about Bertolt Brecht and his mime with Lindsay Kemp's avant-garde theatre and she was a protégé of the theatrical French master whose name is Marcel Marceau’s.


As an artist I learn from other Artists and I can explore further my own practice. Watching ‘Moon Age day dream’ was like hearing a discussion in one’s head- ‘what is my Art about? Is art about good observation? Of what? The mundane, the everyday and response to it-‘ I am very much connected and respond to the moods of the time and the transformations in my work both the inside and side of chaos, of life, after all we are not meant to have static lives.

Then there was my ‘My Neighbour, Adolf’ an odd, very entertaining film that explores the strangest of meetings and exchanges, brilliant master pice. This film is delicate and meticulous at presenting two characters, who should never meet and when then do look what happens, I do not want to damage the plot. I liked these two films and am recommending them however you may not form the same opinion.


I have also noted a new trend in the Guardian which is full of articles about peoples houses, as many of you will know my house has been featured, not because of me being an Artist living in a house full of colour, but because of my heating. Yes I have ridiculous heating, communal heating. It is an Art work in itself and I featured on the 6pm news with it, its called a thermal store and is meant for houses with two or more bathrooms. I live with one bathroom and toilet.





So what have I got happening this year that you can come to?


Do you like and or have you ever engaged with ‘performance Art’?- yes as well my traditional paintings I am also a performing artist and yes I might have been inspired by the likes of Bowie: First show I am in this year opens on 31st - January opening at Bethlem gallery at Bethlem Royal Hospital Address: Monks Orchard Rd, London BR3 3BX, open until May 2023, called ‘Being Present’ a statement made by artists such as Marina Abramović who state the making of the work is the art of being in the moment.


The work has been made in collaboration with Artist Chris Lewis-Jones and we are inviting you to come and take part in our Tea-Break, just like the 70’s we are having a tea break- come join us and be present.




With other members of South London women Artists my work is appearing in : Future MemoriesThe Private View is from 6.00 to 9.00pm on Thursday 2nd February 2023 at the Espacio Gallery 159 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E2 7DG open 2nd Feb thill the 5th.


‘Freedom Fighters, how do we make you feel’- 23 February 6pm Private view at The Foundry 17 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR.


Open daily 24-febuary till May 2023. As so many of you know I am a disabled person, not just dyslexia but also mental health and a spinal injury, for those of you who know I set up and run for 25 years and arts and mental health charity, yes Art really does help my soul and I was convinced I’d found my place helping others, to have some solace though the engagement in making art. I have noticed that our galleries and museums lack not only representation of women but also disabled people and risk takers. In the last year we have seen a pandemic, which put disabled people at massive risks, yet with generosity and out of need the disabled comity I am a part of came tighter and supported each other. Then the war broke out and I and a friend from Kyviv became virtually reunited with correspondence, about how being a disabled refugee women and a Mother of two, how overnight she needed immediate medical attention for her disability. Life was just more and more difficult but generosity from the Dutch has helped her stabilise and have a temporary home.


Then there are the women in Afghanistan, who are now barred form any part of civic life! Why? Then there is Iran, who knows how many young lights have lost their lives? Where none disabled people who are protesting are being left disabled by weapons as in any war. This exhibition is a reaction and a response I am making portraits of some unknown and very famous freedom fighters I know such as Dame baroness Jame Cambell, Sue Ereasgood.


The paintings use objects as descriptive devices, and social significance, as part of a symbolic language to amplify the person’s story, whilst demonstrating choices I have made to add to the paintings. a narrative of pictorial space - colour and composition to accentuate the theme and reveal hidden counter-narratives.

I hope this gets you excited. More on this show coming up.



March :

With Instant Vortex Plus+ Headquarters I am part of a Showcase, at The White Room in Colchester -on Saturday 4th March 2023 general Viewing 11.00A.M to 6.00P.M Performances taking place from 7:30P.M to 10:00P.M. and Sunday 5th March Showtime 12:00P.M. to 4:00P.M.There are a number of women performers and my piece well – it is for you to enjoy. If you are in Essex or fancy a day out in historic England it’s a great town to come to.


South London Women Artists Brixton Library Brixton Oval, London SW2 1JQ Dates to be confirmed.



Is my birthday and it’s a big year for me -I’ll be sixty so need somewhere to a party or two.!



Solo Show at Café Deli Felice 40 Albion St, London SE16 7JQ

19 May to 28 May, 'Carnival: Masks, Laughter and the Grotesque.' At https://safehouse1and2.co.uk/home


So I look forwards to seeing you at one of my events - lots of love on-wrds and up wards as they say Thnks


Michelle Baharier

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