08 June 2023

June 2023


Enjoy some MIDSUMMER FUN with


Artist Michelle Baharier


Events for you to join me with this June 2023


Firstly, I’d like to thank all my readers and friends who have joined 

and supported me at events!



On the 31 May (TODAY) – I’ll be reading my poetry at 

Melancholy and Raving, 8-10pm 

in the upstairs dysfunction room at 

‘The Kings Arms’ 65 Newcomen St, SE1 1YP



I have a twenty minute live set in keeping with the recent Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme is Anxiety. So just like the great British Tea Break, I’ll be drinking my Anxietea! With spoken words. Anxiety - the very thing that causes sleepless nights, and stops you from going out, or coming in.


Also in the programme: Walk-in and open mic, 5 - 7 minutes each, depending on take up on the night.



Last chance




My solo show ‘How do I make you feel?’, on at A Place for Change, the Foundry, 17 Oval Way SE11 5RR, ends on the 1 June


If you can, please pop in!

It’s open 8.30am - 6pm daily. 


I am there until Thursday 1 June. 






'The Phenomenal Female - Who am I', at the Bookery Gallerie

On 1 June from 6.30-9pm at I will be talking about my practice at The Bookery Gallerie, 20 Church Street, London, NW8 8EP


Live from at The Bookery Gallerie is an evening with six phenomenal female artists, in conversation, discussing the working practices behind their artwork. 


Each artist will give a 20min talk, finishing the evening with a Q&A.


The host for the evening will be Aaron Barschak. Guest speakers: Maryam Hashimi, Beverley-Jane Stewart, Meg Lee Chin, Jan Woolf, Lola Godoy and yours truly!





The exhibition is on until the 10th of June. I do hope you can make the talks and the exhibition. I’ll be there on the 1st and 8th of June and look forward to seeing you.


Would you like to own a piece of unique art, something that there is only one of in the world? Women’s genitals are a doorway to life. 


Many people purchase original artwork because it is meaningful for them. 


Placing art in your home can give you a feeling of comfort. Original paintings and art can refresh your spirit and be a gift of daily inspiration. 


If you wonder why people buy art ask yourself if something you found has a meaning for you... such as the eighteen vulvas (vulva is the anatomical term for the external parts of the visible, external part of women’s genitals) I have for sale in this show, alongside a digital print called the Kitchen Sink and my painting Adam and Eve.


All of the vulvas, like women, are unique – they will make a very special addition to your home decor. And you can collect one for just £50 at the Bookery Gallerie before 10 June. Contact me for more info and to buy one.



Also at the Bookery Gallerie



On June 8 I will be performing as part of Beyond the Ordinary – communicating the beauty, depths and insights of the phenomenal feminine.


The Bookery Gallerie 20 Church Street, London, NW8 8EP will be hosting an evening with seven female poets. They will be sharing with us, through their unique and individual voices, fine words of enlightened and challenging verse, playfully and expressively weaving through deep thoughts and humorous observations about our lives and society. The evening will be hosted and compered by Aaron Barschak and features Jessica Lawrence, Meg Lee Chin, Aurélie Freoua, Jane Thomas, Theresa Walsh, Niki Bayard and me.





The Affordable Art Show 2023 is on at Sprout Gallery, 74 Moyser Road Furzedown, SW16 6SQ and opens, on 6 June, 6 - 8.30pm 2023 and is a group show on until 17th June. The gallery is open 10-5pm Mon-Sat. 


I have a digital collage in the show called the Heart of the City, where the Shard stands next to Guys Hospital Tower, which used to be the tallest building in South East London. The collage depicts two types of power and a heart. During the pandemic we were asked to clap for the NHS staff, many of whom lost their lives during this time, whilst saving others. 




Camberwell Arts festival 10th June -  come and meet me from 9.30 till 4pm Camberwell Green




 I’ll have a stall where I am showcasing some of my latest products, which are made from my art works such as my new apron, called Missing Mondays, cushions and some tote bags. 



On 17/18 June I have an open studio at my home in Camberwell - do come and visit me. Please book in advance so I can manage numbers. 


Email mbfcsra@gmail.com




I now have a billboard on display at Reeves Corner in Croydon until the end of August. My billboard is called We All Need Tender Loving Care. 


Reeves Corner is a part of the Old Town area in Croydon. The nearest stations to Reeves Corner are: Tamworth Road / Centrale Tram Stop (CO) is 147 meters away, 3 min walk. 



ORTUS is an open access, fully accessible events space in Grove Lane SE5, where I have a shared cabinet with Carlos Cortes, showcasing how we make art together. 


ORTUS has a modern community-minded cafe with hand-brewed coffee, seasonal food, free WiFi and children's toys. 



Located off Grove Lane part of the Maudsley Hospital Address: 82-96 Grove Lane, London SE5 8SN




I have also been shortlisted for the Brixton Open -  keep your eyes peeled for further updates, as I won’t know for a while. 





Art Story



My work is for sale, but I am often asked by people what is the story of a work, why did I make it, and if am happy to tell you about any of works, of which there are many. 

My question to a viewer is why buy it? 
Why would someone buy a painting? Do you love Art? If I acquire a work it is based on my artistic and emotional response to it. The fact I find a strong connection with a piece is reason enough to buy it. 
I purchase art I love, which speaks to me and is a visual expression of what I find meaningful. This is exactly how I create my works, including commissions. 
You may also ask why a painting is so expensive? Let’s compare a living room that you need to have decorated, first you are paying a daily rate or from £75 to £340 a day for a worker, at the lower end the worker will be less skilled than the higher rate, then you might want cheap paint or quality paint for a longer lasting product. Many of the paintings I create take months, I use acrylic because it speeds up the drying time, allowing to me finish works sooner and with less smell. My paintings are still as durable, however they still need painting and varnishing and protecting, the drying time has to be allowed for this too. So imagine if I was a painter and decorator taking 10 days to complete a job you would be paying me £750 - £3,400. 

However, visual art is not priced like that, also as an artist I have to pay commission to the galleries who sell my work, this can be 30-50% of the sale price, I have to pay for all my materials and a studio. So owning a work of Art, whether a limited edition of sculptures and/or a painting or print is really special.



Art is said to help a person manage and regulate emotions, as well as handle psychological distress. Mental health researcher Dorien Eising found that painting alleviates anxiety, depression, and stress. May was Mental Health Awareness month and June is Summer Madness where the longest day of the year brings fun, joy and sleepless nights. In some Scandinavian counties there is the midnight sun, which keeps people awake all night.




So come and choose a work of art - you can pay in instalments if you prefer. I am now taking commissions and am also available for creative collaboration and teaching opportunities starting in August 2023.


I can discuss with you what you might want and we can go from there. In the meantime, come along to one of my shows or events, bring friends and enjoy what I have on offer. 


I look forwards to meeting you and if you can’t make the dates suggested please let me know


Onwards and upwards, 


Michelle Baharier

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