03 October 2023

October 2023


What festival do you celebrate in October?


Firstly a big thank you to everyone who attended the shows I was in in September.


So what's in store for October?





What happens in October? The changing season of Autumn, where green turns to red and orange, is when we celebrate the harvests.


But modern life has seen autumn become the month where we celebrate World Mental Health Day and for people like me, I continue to work to Break Down the Stigma attached to the many different conditions.


It is also the very American celebration of Halloween. As a child my Mum would buy a swede, and we would carve it out and make a face, with a candle in it. It's odd to see all these pumpkins, which have now invaded the streets and shops.


Then there is the celebration the Day of the Dead! Which is celebrated widely with processions, especially across Latin America.




'Run Rabbit Run', Acrylic Pen Drawing - 5"x7" - £75


So, with that in mind I am showing new work in several exhibitions.


My first show to open is with the Bethlem Artists Collective and it is called 'Here we go again'.



Private View: 5 October 2023 at 5 pm onwards with a live performer & singer at 7pm MS CHAZAN



Duke of Sussex, 77 Friary Road, Peckham SE17 1QS


Exhibition Dates: 5 Oct - 30 Nov


Contact Sue Morgan for details, email: suemorgan209@googlemail.com



''Breathe', Acrylic Pen Drawing - 5"x7" - £75


The pieces in this show are 5 x 7-inch small acrylic pen drawings, both are for sale and they are £75.00 each.   




Beyond the Surface



I am also exhibiting with the South London Women Artist's show called Beyond the Surface, at the Jeannie Avent Gallery in East Dulwich. 


Address: 14 North Cross Road, London, SE22 9EU. 


The show will run from 12 - 24 October and you are invited to a private view on 12th October 6-9 pm. 


There will be a poetry reading. I will also run a Poetry Open Mic on Saturday 21 October 3-5pm – Price: Pay what you can afford, includes a piece of cake, and you will leave with a poem.



I am exhibiting my piece, 'We are all Queen Esther' 





Queen Esther's story takes place during the reign of King Ahasuerus in the Persian Empire. Esther, a young Jewish woman became King Ahasuerus’ Queen. But one of the King's advisers Haman was plotting to kill all the Jews. 


Mordechai, Esther's cousin told her this, and she intervened and saved the Jews. This is why the Jews have the joyous festival 'Purim', a carnival which takes place around February/March time. 


So why am I showcasing her here? Beyond the surface is exploring how we think about our mental health. For me it is important that when talking about our emotions we also include the ups as well as the downs, and this time of the year also sees another carnival - 'The Day of the Dead'. 


I felt Esther is a symbol of life. All humans share the experience of losing loved ones and autumn in particular, as the planet goes into hibernation, bringing about a time to rejuvenate, before spring.  



I will also have some small pieces, some prints, and new cards, of which I have a Christmas range. Don't forget my aprons and tea towels. 





A special gift is a painting it makes the best present as it is truly a unique item a one-off that only you have.




"Michelle's work is in my living room and it starts a conversation with everyone who visits, I love having ‘One of those days’. It's such a great get up and go painting." - LB




Please feel free to contact me and book a visit to my home studio. Orders need to be placed well in advance of December due to printing deadlines, I look forwards to appearing in your stockings on in your parcels. 






Michelle Baharier

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