05 September 2023

September 2023


Happy New Year! Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.


Shana Tova!

Surprise you say?



Yes, it's 'Rosh Hashanah' - Jewish New Year (September 24-26, 2023)

It is a time for reflection and introspection, and is observed for two days, with the sounding of the shofar (ram's horn), festive meals, and symbolic foods including apples dipped in honey to signify a sweet new year.




I used to make the honey cakes with my Mum, and we would have pomegranates to eat, a symbol of righteousness in Judaism, as they supposedly contain 613 seeds, which correspond to the 613 commandments of the Torah. The juice is my favourite and has been found to be the ink used in some scrolls. It is also the fruit that is used crafted in metal to decorate the Torah scrolls like a crown. I guess it's like a big pregnant belly.


I am a secular person, but I am culturally Jewish, so I like to celebrate the holidays and take some time off to reflect.


At the same time, I have lots going on this September, firstly I am showing as part of the Invisible Women Project





IN/Visible Disabled Women’s National Arts Collective 

In association with ARC Stockton, Arts Depot London and Little Cog

‘All the Women We Could Have Been’




A Personal Invitation to Our Launch from all the Artists


At artsdepot, 5 Nether St, London N12 0GA and Online

Tuesday 5 September 6.30-8.00pm


Exhibition Dates:  6-29 September 2023


A unique exhibition drawing together newly commissioned artwork by disabled women artists over the age of fifty from across the country, reflecting on lives lived and the role activism has played in our work. ARC is hosted the public premiere of this work before it goes to be exhibited in London. 


IN/Visible was founded by North East based Vici Wreford-Sinnott 



'Life as not expected', my artwork in progress - bottom panels






About the IN/Visible Collective

IN/Visible means in and visible to us - we’re part of the arts and we’re not going away! We’ve got lots of experience and lots to say about our experiences and the change we’ve been instrumental in creating. We’re a group of disabled women who got together for a short project during lockdown and valued each other and the space so much that we decided to become a group rather than a project. We have eleven galleries of work on Little Cog’s website and have been working together in real time online to create the pieces of work in this exhibition. We’ve explored narratives: around disabled women; older disabled women in the rights, justice and arts movements; intersectionality; what being activists has meant to our work; ideologies which impact us; and we celebrate who we are.

The artists in the collective are Michelle Baharier, Samantha Blackburn, Caroline Cardus, Honor Flaherty, Pauline Heath, Cheryl Martin, Julie McNamara, Lynne McFarlane, Dolly Sen, and Vici Wreford-Sinnott


You can find out more about the artists here.






About the Exhibition


A powerful and playful exploration of what life might have been like for disabled women had external limitations not been in place. But it’s not a sad story, instead it’s a unique opportunity to see especially created new works of art by some of the Disability Arts Movements leading disabled women artists and thinkers, all of whom are aged over 50, play with representation and expectation in works which are witty, poetic and provocative in this call-to-arms celebration. Each work presented is individual and unique with artists working across a wide range of mediums including photography, painting, wall sculpture, collage, textiles and embroidery. We’ve seen the work and we cannot wait to bring it all together in one place and share it with you.





Exhibition Opening RSVP



Speeches and readings from members of the collective at 6.45pm.


BSL interpreted. Online captions.


Light refreshments will be served.




RSVP is by booking here for both in person and online: 

All The Women We Could Have Been - Opening Night Launch | artsdepot 


If Online, we will send you a zoom link nearer the time.



PeerFest – 7th September 2023



I am also going live in Manchester at PeerFest where I will be running a workshop on get well soon card making. 


We will be making cards that you would like to receive if you have mental distress, have given up substance misuse, come out of prison or just had a bad day.  


The workshop is free and takes place at 

The Lowry Theatre on Thursday 7th September 2023. 


The venue address is: Pier, 8 The Quays, Salford, Manchester M50 3AZ. 


Booking essential: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/peerfest-2023-tickets-679955624577



SHARP Art Gallery – opening 19 September 2023




I am in 'Mushrooms' at the SHARP Art Gallery in collaboration with Fountain House Gallery opening on 19 September 2023 1-4pm 


The SHARP Gallery South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust 308-312 Brixton Road | London | SW9 6AA T


This is a unique and innovative project, turning a drab meeting room into a popular gallery space at the SHARP building. 


Please contact Anna-Maria Amato - Anna-Maria.Amato@slam.nhs.uk to book.




Jeannie Avent gallery 


12 October-25 October 2023


Michelle Baharier with others will be at the Jeannie Avent Gallery, 14 North Cross Road, East Dulwich, London, SE22 9EU 



Also look out for more details of an exhibition coming up at the Duke of Sussex, 77 Friary Road, London SE15 1QS in October 2023


And look out for my Halloween mask making workshops, My open studio and much more. 



I am currently available for commissions, so if you'd like to have a conversation about this please do send me an email or phone me. 


Buying that piece of unique art for your home is really just as important as purchasing the carpet for the stairs, although a little different, it brings some joy into your house and please remember that many of my paintings can be turned into canvas framed prints. 


Check out my shop on my website and if you don't see the piece that you are interested in there please DM me. 





I have been making some smaller prints that are around £50. 


If you're looking for a unique present for somebody for their birthday or for Christmas, Hanukkah or any other festival do you remember my aprons?


They are not mass produced, but are print on demand so there are not too many of them in circulation. They make a unique gift, a talking point and I know that many people have brought them for themselves, family members and their friends. They are 100% cotton and washable, with postage and packing they are £36.99, please DM if you would like to order one. 


Check out this video of me visiting Sue Kreitzman in her museum, wearing one of my aprons!




I also have a set of cushions that I make from the photographs I take, particularly the ones of the red sunflower and a red rose - they are made in faux suede, are incredibly bright, beautiful to touch and would make a wonderful addition to any home - size 18cm by 18cm and are on sale for £29.99 + postage and packing, they have a zip to take the cushion out for washing. 



Heygate - available as an original print on canvas and tea towels. 


Don't forget my tea towels! - they are £19.99 including postage and packing.


I have a selection of new cards including for your loved ones Valentines Day and for Xmas. I only get 25 of each design made at a time, so please get your orders in. Cards are £3.00 each without postage and you can get a selection of 5 individual cards for £12.00 without postage or you can you have them posted which will make it £15.00 for 5 individual cards. 


If you would like to book a visit to my gallery/studio, please DM me. 


Michelle Baharier

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