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09 July 2024

The Portrait Collage, Art Workshop, with Artist Michelle Baharier

Event Dates: 13 August 2024


Tue, 13 Aug 2024 13:30 - 15:30 BST


Come have creative fun with artist Michelle Baharier at Sprout Art Gallery for her Residency

Michelle Baharier

Portrait Collage Workshop, Sprout Art Residency, with Artist Michelle Baharier,

1.30 -3.30 pm, 13 Aug 2024 - Create a portrait using collage shapes and colours, magazines and newspapers.

£20.00 per adult and £15.00 per child under 18, led by Michelle Baharier


Limited Availability: 8 places only: Make an artwork to take home and display on the wall. This workshop is open to any age but children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

You will learn about shapes and colours and go on to create a portrait using collage. We'll also cover the use of symbols to show who it is you are portraying.


You can create a portrait of a person, or an animal...

Do you have a pet you'd like to create a portrait of? Get inspired by the example of a simple yet impactful artwork below!


Like to spend time on your phone? Michelle famously often doodle on her phone. creating bright colourful art. You can. too.


It is possible to combine paint and collage, too. The portrait of John Pring (below) was commissioned by Disability Arts Online and Michelle used newspaper cutouts to symbolise what he has achieved as a journalist. She has also used collage in other critically acclaimed portraits, such as the one of Sue Elsegood.




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